You are a container for consciousness.

What is a container? A container is something that holds a fluid or liquid. A container is just that – it’s contained. A container can be empty, or a container could be filled.

You are a container for your consciousness, your Soul, and the people who love you. The people who are around you are containers – they hold you, this is why you need deep attachment and intimate relationships. When you are in a truly loving experience, your relationships, with your life partner, friends, family, co-workers, spiritual community, hold you – they are a container for you and you are a container for them. When each person is holding the best for another, each of you begins to work together on a Soul level. This is when you experience feeling integrated, whole and peaceful. This is when relationships / partnerships work in their highest. This means that you all need each other. What a concept! This is one of the needs of your Soul, that you have someone to contain you as your highest potential. When you have people around you like this, your Soul begins to thrive.

Some relationships are negative containers and they keep you in a perpetual state of trauma. These are the relationships in which you will do your deepest spiritual work. As you do this work, these bonds based on trauma will begin to shift.

When you begin to evolve, when your consciousness begins to wake up, there is a shaking because you realize that the containers (the people) that you have in your life don’t hold you in the same way. There is a discomfort. This is when the containers around you, that are the people that are holding you, change. Sometimes they leave. This can be painful and disruptive. You may not know what’s happening. All true growth happens when you go through this stage of discomfort. This is when you must have courage, spiritual strength and perseverance to transform.

Beneath your waking mind, there is not only your subconscious and unconsciousness mind that informs the decisions you make until you wake up (then you make your own decisions from true freedom), but beneath that there are two other energies – the one of the Soul and the one of the Anti-Soul.

Now, how can this be – the Soul and the Anti-Soul?  Because in this world of duality, everything that exists has its opposite. This is the construct of this world. This is how this world was created – we have day and we have night. Thus, your Soul has an Anti-Soul.

The Anti-Soul is self-sabotage, judgment, self-condemnation, criticism, and resentment. These are the experiences that keep you in separation. This voice of the Anti-Soul is always chattering and always talking, and has a great influence on the choices you make in life.

Your Soul, which lives deeply within you, is very simple. It is every act of kindness, compassion and goodness – every true voice of justice, liberty, peace, awareness, and freedom. Your Soul is longing to fill the container of your consciousness. You must begin to seek out a relationship with your Soul. You must begin to create a container that your Soul will be desirous of entering. The practice of virtue and character is what will create a container for your Soul to feel comfortable in. Any spiritual path that is not based on character and virtue is a road going to nowhere. The experience of the spirit and the experience of virtue and character cannot be separated. When they are, you are missing the mark and your Soul will become confused. You are here for your Soul to grow in the human experience.

Really being to watch yourself. Really begin to watch the people around you. Begin to distinguish between the two energies of Soul and anti-Soul. Watch from a place of neutrality and non-judgment; be the witness to your life and contemplate the meaning of your experiences. You were born to wake up and see what is real.

All goodness and love is real. Anything other than that is not. That is the illusion. You are here to wake up and see the difference between what is truth and non-truth, what is coming from the Soul and what is coming from the Anti-Soul. When you enter the truth of your Soul, you reunite and re-merge with God. And, God, “All That Is,” becomes the greatest container of all, holding you in the sacred garden of peace, serenity, integration, and wholeness.

© Deirdre Hade June 26, 2011


About deirdrehadeblog

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, master healer, mystic and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation. Deirdre is a leader in the "Great American Awakening" movement, and teaches enlightenment. She has studied Chasidic thought and Kabbalah for over ten years with Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Rabbi of Ohr ha Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA. She has studied and practiced Cranial Sacral Healing with John Walsh and Judith Johnston. Her mentor in the field of personal psychology is Dr. LaWanda Staenberg of Beverly Hills, CA. Deirdre practiced Vedic healing and energy light work for fifteen years as a disciple of an Indian Master. She was initiated into an ancient mystical order in Varanasi, India, where she received her Hindu name Dahya Yogini (Merciful Heart). Deirdre teaches that we are longing to be free, to be liberated from the encumbrances of the human experiences of limitation, loss, disharmony and pain. By making ancient wisdom teachings and practices relevant to our modern lives, she proves that anyone can have a tangible and grounded experience of the divine mystical. Deirdre's teaching of "Radiance" is ultimately about every person having their own direct communication and intimate personal relationship with, "the Source of all being," God. Deirdre shows that as we master the art living in our pure state, the pure state of our Soul, not only does our spiritual life transform, but our personal lives, careers, and relationships do as well. Deirdre leads seminars and retreats around the country. She also offers teleseminars, webinars and private sessions.
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One Response to You are a container for consciousness.

  1. Miko Doi says:

    i hope you don’t mind but i quoted a small part of this and posted on fb! thank you for this and for tuesday nite’s DOM. you hold space in such a way that is so perfect and demands little save for “come as you are and be present” — thank you!

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