You are the Pillar of your Conscious Experience

How the people in your life act as pillars and containers to create the structure of your world.

A few weeks ago I shared with you the concept that you are a container for other people to hold their consciousness and the people around you are containers to hold your consciousness. Sometimes these people are positive and healthy for your consciousness. Sometimes these people are negative and actually bring you down to the lower states of yourself.

You are greatly influenced by your environment and the people you choose to have in your life. Sometimes you don’t seem to have chosen a person that’s in your life, such as a family member. Or, you have grown and become a different person and so the person you’re with, you no longer resonate with. Let me introduce now another concept to the structure of your daily reality.

This is, that there are people in your life, and it is important that you have people in your life, who act as pillars for your consciousness. A pillar is a person that holds you up, helps you to stay centered and calm, and holds you in a place of serenity. If you could imagine your consciousness as a house and remember, everything you see from your eyes, hear from your ears, everything you can smell and can touch in your world, is a part of your conscious awareness. Without the pillars of universal law, i.e. physics, everything you see, hear, smell and taste would collapse into chaos.

The same is true in how you perceive your world. Most people’s inner state of energy is in chaos. In order to have the universal law of consciousness exist, that is the physics of harmonious thought, feeling, emotion, it is necessary to have people in your life that are positive and supportive pillars. Without this, life can become too much and it is easy then to cave in to depression and despair.

You are a pillar for other people. You’re consciousness actually holds up the structure of other people’s reality. Do you want to have a positive influence and be a pillar of virtue for the people around you? Or, do you want to be a negative pillar and hold people in the bondage of the past?

A negative pillar is when the people around you, and the thoughts within you, keep bringing you back to past events that bring up resentment, anger and jealousy. These negative pillars create what we call bondage and this is your experience of what you understand as karma. This experience of being in bondage, of having a heaviness in your heart, or of feeling an internal pressure in your mind and body, causes you to feel as though you could explode. This happens because the support beams, the structure of your consciousness, is being held by negative pillars and negative containers.

Meditate on these two concepts.

A pillar is something that holds something up. It is the core structure of every building.

A container is what holds something. It is the rooms of the building you live in, in the structure of the consciousness that you have built.

You can look at this in your personal life, in the lives of the people you know, and in the world at large. When you begin to understand this concept, you will begin to understand better the choices you make in the types of people you choose to associate with.

The people in your everyday life have an extraordinary effect on you. In learning to be in non-reaction to the outer world, in aiming to achieve clarity and serenity in your inner experience, assessing who is a pillar and who is a container for you, is imperative.

Now, do you tell those who are supporting you that you appreciate them and that you are grateful? As well, those who seem to have a negative experience over and over, perhaps there is something you need to hear from them, perhaps they are pushing you to look at your ego? After study and reflection, ask, “Is this negative person a teacher for me; is it better to keep them in my world; or have I gotten my lesson and is it really time to move on?”

Look closely at the consciousness of the people around you. Are they positive or negative pillars for you and/or positive or negative containers for you? In like turn, are you a positive or negative pillar for those around you? As well, are you a positive or negative container in the lives of those people around you?

Once you begin to see this, you can then begin to ask, “What is my lesson here? What is my world experience here to teach me? And, in order to change the structures that are holding me and either propping me up or tearing me down, what thoughts, ideas and emotions will I have to shift so that my conscious awareness is held intact by pillars of virtue and containers of serenity and harmony?

What kind of house do I want to build for myself? Is this a house someone else built for me with or without my consent? Am I ready now to take the challenge and build a house of my own, one that supports and contains who I have become today?

© Deirdre Hade July 18, 2011


About deirdrehadeblog

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, master healer, mystic and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation. Deirdre is a leader in the "Great American Awakening" movement, and teaches enlightenment. She has studied Chasidic thought and Kabbalah for over ten years with Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Rabbi of Ohr ha Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA. She has studied and practiced Cranial Sacral Healing with John Walsh and Judith Johnston. Her mentor in the field of personal psychology is Dr. LaWanda Staenberg of Beverly Hills, CA. Deirdre practiced Vedic healing and energy light work for fifteen years as a disciple of an Indian Master. She was initiated into an ancient mystical order in Varanasi, India, where she received her Hindu name Dahya Yogini (Merciful Heart). Deirdre teaches that we are longing to be free, to be liberated from the encumbrances of the human experiences of limitation, loss, disharmony and pain. By making ancient wisdom teachings and practices relevant to our modern lives, she proves that anyone can have a tangible and grounded experience of the divine mystical. Deirdre's teaching of "Radiance" is ultimately about every person having their own direct communication and intimate personal relationship with, "the Source of all being," God. Deirdre shows that as we master the art living in our pure state, the pure state of our Soul, not only does our spiritual life transform, but our personal lives, careers, and relationships do as well. Deirdre leads seminars and retreats around the country. She also offers teleseminars, webinars and private sessions.
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