Valentine Message – Prayer to The Beloved

There is a place within our heart that calls out to intertwine with those close to us who we truly love. This calling out of your heart to another is romance. Romance is a divine energy. All of nature and all of creation is in a divine romance with one another.

Today is the day that we honor the spirit of romance. The beauty and the gift of romance is that this energy is very healing. Romance comes from a kind of longing to be attached and completely one with a greater presence. You know when you’ve experienced those miraculous moments of being One with another. The gift of experiencing Oneness with another is that you then know Oneness with “All That Is” – G-d.

Today, we have an opportunity to enter into “The Beloved and The Beloved” – this deep state of unity of all things. Please join me in my prayer to the Presence of Pure Creation. It is a calling out to “The Beloved.”

We each have a beloved. This person may be someone very real in your life; it may be a person on the other side; it may be the connection to a great Angel, or to G-d him/herself. It is all the same. The only thing that matters for your spiritual awakening is that you have an experience of being with your beloved. This experience will carry you into the oceans of light, the pure peace of creation, the harmony of all spheres, and the oneness where there is no separation and no walls between yourself and the Presence of All Being.

My wish for you, my prayer for you, is that you come to know your beloved and appreciate his/her presence in your life with gratitude and generosity of spirit.

Thank you for joining me in my Prayer to “The Beloved” …



 A Prayer to The Beloved

My beloved,

where are you –

how I have longed to feel your embrace,

my heart aching, open, raw,

and naked to all things.

every wind that has blown

stings my open heart as I have been

waiting so long for you to enter –

you must be somewhere,

I have flown to the stars in search of you –

I have laid beneath the moon waiting for you –

I have walked across the great rivers

and I have laid down inside of mountains –

I have sat beneath the aspen trees,

and I have curled up inside of the blue jay’s feathered breast.

I have hung as a dewdrop in the morning light,

swinging on golden threads of your delight –

my toes curled around the leaves and the grass,

soft mud became my bed –

I prayed for you at last

to find me here on earth –

though a piece of fallen sky I am,

I peered around all corners

in search of your tender hand –

My beloved,

I offer you my soul,

I pour myself into your door,

abandoned and free falling into snow –

your sweetness is like the sweetest milk

and the freshest clover honey,

your scent the orange blossoms and the cherry –

there is a quickening as a hummingbird,

how far can I go –

will I let myself

descend into you –

or will I pull away again

as I have for so long –

I am afraid,

if I give you all of myself,

will I be safe –

my heart, I am sorry –

it is scarred, but there were many

who were false and

proclaimed to be you –

but, something inside of me

has kept me searching –

I could never give up

until I had known you again –

come, my beloved, and

slip into the covers of my soul –

my soul will caress and hold you close,

and you will know what it means

to live in the oneness of all things –

you are my shelter

and I am yours,

come, into my harbor

and know that we

will never be apart – again.

© Deirdre Hade, February 14, 2012


About deirdrehadeblog

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, master healer, mystic and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation. Deirdre is a leader in the "Great American Awakening" movement, and teaches enlightenment. She has studied Chasidic thought and Kabbalah for over ten years with Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Rabbi of Ohr ha Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA. She has studied and practiced Cranial Sacral Healing with John Walsh and Judith Johnston. Her mentor in the field of personal psychology is Dr. LaWanda Staenberg of Beverly Hills, CA. Deirdre practiced Vedic healing and energy light work for fifteen years as a disciple of an Indian Master. She was initiated into an ancient mystical order in Varanasi, India, where she received her Hindu name Dahya Yogini (Merciful Heart). Deirdre teaches that we are longing to be free, to be liberated from the encumbrances of the human experiences of limitation, loss, disharmony and pain. By making ancient wisdom teachings and practices relevant to our modern lives, she proves that anyone can have a tangible and grounded experience of the divine mystical. Deirdre's teaching of "Radiance" is ultimately about every person having their own direct communication and intimate personal relationship with, "the Source of all being," God. Deirdre shows that as we master the art living in our pure state, the pure state of our Soul, not only does our spiritual life transform, but our personal lives, careers, and relationships do as well. Deirdre leads seminars and retreats around the country. She also offers teleseminars, webinars and private sessions.
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