A Prayer for Colorado; A Prayer for our Country

Dear Friends,

All of us are in shock now as to how one of our own – someone we saw as a neighbor or an acquaintance in a store – how could such an individual commit such a crime?

We feel helpless and sometimes very alone. What can I do as one person? Does my voice count? Will my voice ever be heard? Will my voice somehow heal and help?

There is something you can do – something that will affect our world, something that will help the hearts of those who have suffered this tragedy. Because you are a being of light, you are a Soul embodying goodness. You can, through your heart, affect, uplift, and assist those who are experiencing unimaginable pain at the loss of loved ones.

Reach into your heart and find the light of truth, understanding, and wisdom. Join together in sending the families and the victims our pure energy of strength, care and compassion. Make a vow today to begin a practice of rooting out of yourself your own places for hatred, anger, prejudice, revenge and gossip. For we are all one Soul, one family called the human Soul.

We are at a time in the earth of momentous transformation. We are seeing, and have seen, great sorrow and yet dawn still occurs and the crimson, orange and golden rays shine every morning through our grief. The flowers still bloom and the soft breezes blow between the trees. It is time now for each and every one of us to expand our awareness into a greater understanding of the times we live in and the times ahead of us. You can make a difference. You have the power. Wake up and know who you really are – a great light of “All That Is.”

Please join me in prayer for those victims of this tragedy in Colorado. Bring forth your greatest feelings and send your heart into the world on the wings of light. And, together, in this moment, we will help our country, and our world, be free of the tyranny of ignorance.

Prayer for Colorado, Healing America

Beloved Presence,

hear my prayer – as I call out to You

in the stillness of the night –

How can there be such a darkness?

Because I am only human, I may never understand,

help me to be one of Your Angels 

and accept my humble offering, as I offer myself to you –

may the light of my soul console –

those who have suffered. 


Beloved Presence,

pour the light of mercy upon us in our hour of pain,

fill the lives of those harmed with Your eternal light,

hold those who have lost loved ones; give them strength in their grief,

send Your Angels to those who have left our world and guide them to enter Your world.


Send healing to those in the hospitals and send steadfastness to those who are caring for them –

send Your eternal light to those injured so that they may find the will to live and carry on –

send Your charity to every person who was caught in the theater that night with no escape – 

and most of all send to us your ray of peace into all places of war.


Beloved Presence,

You have given so much –

put food on my table, family and friends,

a livelihood, a purpose, and this very life I live – 

how can I express my gratitude for Your benevolence?

For it could have as easily been me in the theater that night –

guide me to remember the gift of life that you have given me. 

May I forever look into the shining eyes of those I love

and be in the awe of your sunrises and sunsets.


This sunset has lead us into a dark night –

help us to hold on and wait for the return of dawn –

for we know, in Your eternal compassion, that the right hand

of Your sun light is coming to redeem and uplift our souls.


Help us to look beyond what our eyes see, our senses perceive –

help us to turn within into the heart of Your magnificence.

It is a moment such as this that we doubt and we question –

take us now, into the spirit of Your eternal grace,

We will find the deeper faith and we will understand Your wisdom;


This moment, in our deepest prayer, we join You,

for Your light and the light of our souls together will shine

as a billion suns of hope to all those who have lost hope – 

our prayers will become a comet through the sky –

and every particle of light in our being will comfort,

assist and heal all those touched by this Colorado tragedy.


Send our hearts and our service to all citizens of America.

Send our prayers around our earth, as we fill all creatures

with the pure light of Your union. 


We are peace –

We are brothers, we are sisters – mothers –

we are fathers, grandparents –

We are family.  Thank you,


Deirdre Hade © July 2012


About deirdrehadeblog

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, master healer, mystic and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation. Deirdre is a leader in the "Great American Awakening" movement, and teaches enlightenment. She has studied Chasidic thought and Kabbalah for over ten years with Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Rabbi of Ohr ha Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA. She has studied and practiced Cranial Sacral Healing with John Walsh and Judith Johnston. Her mentor in the field of personal psychology is Dr. LaWanda Staenberg of Beverly Hills, CA. Deirdre practiced Vedic healing and energy light work for fifteen years as a disciple of an Indian Master. She was initiated into an ancient mystical order in Varanasi, India, where she received her Hindu name Dahya Yogini (Merciful Heart). Deirdre teaches that we are longing to be free, to be liberated from the encumbrances of the human experiences of limitation, loss, disharmony and pain. By making ancient wisdom teachings and practices relevant to our modern lives, she proves that anyone can have a tangible and grounded experience of the divine mystical. Deirdre's teaching of "Radiance" is ultimately about every person having their own direct communication and intimate personal relationship with, "the Source of all being," God. Deirdre shows that as we master the art living in our pure state, the pure state of our Soul, not only does our spiritual life transform, but our personal lives, careers, and relationships do as well. Deirdre leads seminars and retreats around the country. She also offers teleseminars, webinars and private sessions.
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