About This Blog

The Purpose of This Blog is to bring together all of the voices and the stories of all the people I have worked with and had the honor of experiencing during deep journey work and Radiance Healing sessions.

My first foray into speaking out—or speaking what I call a spiritual truth—began in 1969 in Memphis, Tennessee as a 12 year old girl in the segregated South.  What I learned from my bold endeavors to teach my classmates about integration was that one had to be truly courageous indeed.

Thus I began a spiritual quest and spent a lifetime searching, studying, and looking for a meaning—as we all have—for this existence.  This quest took me way off the beaten path; it took me into the depths of shadow in my own personal self, and the stories of others.  It also brought me into the exalted states of seeing beyond the veils into the worlds of light.  When I was able to exist in the experience of light and the experience of the shadow in non-duality, I realized that there is a type of love, and an experience of love and truth that was beyond my previous perception.  An opportunity came for me to shift with wisdom, and the purpose of this blog is to share wisdom so that all of us can join in discussion about how we, with our wisdom and understanding, can truly shape a future world of possibility, repair, redemption and healing.


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